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Pumpkin Literacy and Math Centers

Students will learn more about pumpkins using puzzles, worksheets, clip cards, and subtraction mats.
You Have Credits
This resource is worth 7 credits. You need more of them to download this one.

What is inside:

  • Cover Page and Directions (9 pages)
  • Literacy Center: Alphabet Matching (9 pages)
  • Literacy Center: Beginning Sound Clip (13 pages)
  • Literacy Center: Life cycle Sentences (7 pages)
  • Literacy Center: Rhyming Puzzle (6 pages)
  • Literacy Center: Uppercase and Lowercase Match (13 pages)
  • Math Center: Count and Clip (10 pages)
  • Math Center: First to 20 and First to 50 (4 pages)
  • Math Center: Number Playdough Mats (20 pages)
  • Math Center: Number Puzzle (10 pages)
  • Math Center: Skip Counting (16 pages)