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Stephanie Zacarias

It can be! With Pear Deck, it’s an add-on to Google Slides and you can include audio. I would recommend recording a video of you using it for reference especially for kindergarten. There is text option and a drawing option so, they can draw or color if needed. I teach 1st grade and I used Nearpod mostly for my recorded lessons because they were more interactive than a regular google slide/powerpoint presentation. Nearpod has a library and there are presentations already made you put in the grade level and the subject and it’ll show what they have for that and you can use it or make changes for it. Nearpod doesn’t let you add audio in all the slides, but you could use it during a live lesson. Again, I would recommend making a video showing students how to use it and how to put their name in and how to work the different tools. A bonus is you can create your own Nearpod to meet the needs for your students!

I hope that’s helpful!